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Post-Doctoral Research Associate in CAE Modelling

Wessex Institute of Technology
Fixed term appointment for up to 24 months
Preferred starting date January 2015

Location: Ashurst, Southampton
Salary: Bursary
Hours: Full time
Contract type:Contract/temporary

Wessex Institute Of Technology and C M BEASY Ltd have an international reputation for their leading R&D and industrial applications of advanced numerical simulation technologies to predict the durability and integrity of structures.

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Post-Doctoral Research Associate to be part of a research project working on the development of a large scale 3D simulation models to predict the impact of corrosion and cracks on the durability and integrity of structures.

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CP Design For Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations 


An interesting article was published in the September 2014 issue of the NACE Materials Performance magazine. The article presents design considerations and some of the challenges a corrosion engineer encounters while designing a cathodic protection (CP) system for offshore wind turbine foundations. The authors were Sameer Ayyar, Jacob Jansson and Ruth Sorenson from COWI A/S Copenhagen, Denmark.


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NEW BEASY 2014 Fracture & Crack Growth Software Release

BEASY Fracture & Crack Growth 10.0r16 provides a great number of new and advanced features that will enable engineers to improve fracture analysis and crack growth simulation to provide deeper design insight. The new release not only incorporates improvements and enhancements to the core BEASY Fracture & Crack Growth software but also to the model creation and visualisation tools as well as the Finite Element System Interfaces.

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BEASY will be exhibiting at the 2014 Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainability Conference in Baltimore this April, presenting the latest developments in our Software and Services for Crack Growth Simulation and Corrosion Management in Aircraft Structures.


We welcome you to come and visit us at booth 404 to find out more about the capabilities of BEASY products, or how BEASY can help with your particular application. Alternatively to make an appointment to meet Tom Curtin at the conference, or to obtain further information, please click here or contact us


BEASY participated in a very busy NACE Corrosion Conference in San Antonio last month. We were active in the conference program and exhibition hall, highlighting corrosion modeling services and software. It was good to see many friends and interested engineers visiting us at our booth. There were a number of papers presented during the Technical Program which featured some engineering projects carried out by the BEASY engineering services team and by customers. Details of the papers presented can be found here



Guy Bishop presented a paper entitled "Recent Signature Modelling Studies To Predict The Impact Of Hull Openings And ICCP System Anode Failure" at the recent MARELEC 2013 conference in Hamburg, Germany, July 16th-19th 2013.

The study used computer modelling to assess the robustness and sensitivity of the vessel ICCP system to the impact of anode failures, damage, coating degradation, hull opening and appendages etc. Of particular interest was the corrosion related electric and magnetic signatures. The study used some recent developments contained in the latest release of the BEASY Corrosion Defence modelling software. The results demonstrate how a computational modelling approach is one of the most effective tools for the design of corrosion control systems and optimization of ship electric and magnetic signatures.

To view the paper, please click here; or for more defence-related papers, please click here

Stiffened panelBoundary Element Crack Growth Analysis Of A Riveted Fuselage Skin

Sharon Mellings, Robert Adey.  CM BEASY Ltd. Roberto Citarella.  University of Salerno

Sharon Mellings recently presented a paper on some recent developments to improve the modelling of cracks in aircraft structures. Generally aircraft structures are highly complex structures involving complex load paths, however cracks are often localised features involving just a few of the structural components. One particular location for damage is near to riveted connections where localised forces can lead to fatigue damage problems. These areas can be where stiffening ribs are attached to the aircraft skin, where two or more skin sections are overlapped or where holes in the skin are covered by additional doubler panels.

The paper presented a model which can be used to predict the crack growth path and residual strength of the structure. The simulation technology was tested by applying it to a large scale structure consisting of a number of panels stiffened by ribs and stringers. Virtual Testing of the structure was performed to predict the structural failure due to crack growth and the estimated fatigue life of the structure.

NEW BEASY 2013 Corrosion Software Release

BEASY have released new versions of its Corrosion modeling software which provide a great number of new and advanced
features that will enable engineers improve CP system performance and provide deeper design insight. The new release not only incorporates improvements and enhancements to the core BEASY Corrosion & CP software but also to BEASY GiD and the BEASY ICCP Optimisation tools. To find out more ....BEASY Corrosion Release Highlights

BEASY have also released a new version of its corrosion related electric and magnetic signature prediction software. To find out more ....BEASY Corrosion Defence Highlights

NACE Corrosion 2013

NACE Corrosion Conference 2013 Orlando USA

BEASY will be again attending the NACE Corrosion Conference in Orlando, Fl which will be held from March 17-21, 2013. We will be active in both the conference program and exhibition hall showing our corrosion modeling services and software.

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Aircraft Corrosion Book ThumbnailAluminium Alloy Corrosion of Aircraft Structures:  Modelling and Simulation

BEASY have contributed to a new book on the modelling and simulation of corrosion in aircraft structures. The book is based on the research and development performed as part of the SICOM project which included Aircraft Manufacturers Airbus and EADS, BEASY and a consortium of university research centres

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Coatings and Corrosion Technical Workshop

BEASY recently presented at the Lloyds Maritime Academy technical workshop on Corrosion & Coatings in London. Dr Bob Adey gave a presentation on the role of computer modelling in the design and monitoring of corrosion control systems.

Marine Corrosion Forum (MCF), London, 2012

John Baynham presented results of investigations into resistance to ground of various anodes and groups of anodes. He compared resistance values determined using analytic and approximate formulae and using simulation.

More ...Marine Corrosion Forum (MCF), London, 2012

Oil and Gas Pipeline CP&AC/DC Interference Mitigation Seminar. China

Dr Bob Adey of BEASY was recently invited as one of the experts to present at the Oil and Gas Pipeline CP&AC/DC Interference Mitigation Seminar held in Langfang City Hebei Province China.

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