The design rules used to design CP systems in the main do not take into account the interference between the anodes provided to protect a structure or interactions between the structures themselves. CP systems will always interact with each other to some extent when they are in the same electrolyte even when there is no metallic electrical connection and this can radically affect the protection provided to the structure and the life of the CP system.

A case study is presented involving the design of the CP system of an FPSO (Floating production storage and offloading vessel). The aim of the study was to verify the performance of the CP system to ensure that the structure was protected for the design life and the anodes had sufficient capacity. Computer modelling was used to simulate the performance of the CP system which comprised of an ICCP system and sacrificial anodes. The study identified some interesting and unexpected interactions which required the design of the CP system to be modified.

Key words: Galvanic corrosion, Cathodic Protection, FPSO, ICCP, Interference

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