This work is focused on the 3D simulation of cathodic protection (CP) systems for metallic deep well casings immersed in stratified soil. The soil is considered as a multi-layered electrolyte with electric conductivity, which varies from layer to layer. Given a CP system, the aim of the simulation is to predict the level of protection (including the normal current entering the structure) against corrosion along the well casing. It is common practice to fill the annular space between soil and metallic structure with cement along the whole depth. The paper presents a modelling approach which incorporates this feature. In addition, a unique CP system may be used to protect more than one well. In this case, the simulation is used to analyse problems of interference and load unbalance to the electrical resistance in the power lines and flow lines. The modelling approach is aimed at simplifying the model design, especially for dealing with multi-layered electrolyte, and improving the accuracy over existing traditional techniques, which entail a detailed and time consuming representation in the model of the interfaces between different layers of the electrolyte. The effects of different scenarios of electrolytes on the CP system are considered.

Keywords: Cathodic Protection, Boundary Element Method, Deep Well Casings

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