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BEASY Corrosion Data Manager enables engineers to manage and visualise in 3D CP survey data. Integrity management system do not fully meet the needs of the engineer responsible for corrosion as they do not provide access and visualizations of all the data the engineer needs to make fast and informed decisions. There is also often no easy way to see the trends in the data, or link the data to video and photographic data also recorded during the survey. BEASY Corrosion Data Manager provides access to all this information through a 3D visual interface to any member of the team.

There is a gap between the Integrity management systems used by companies to manage their assets and the needs of the CP engineer. The BEASY Corrosion Data Manager software provides the engineer with ability to visualize in 3D the historical and predicted CP protection on the structure and the status of the anodes in the CP system. It also provides information on long term trends in the survey data.
Typical applications include:

  • Using 3D visualisation the CP survey data can be clearly understood and data from multiple surveys compared to understand trends
  • Interactively visualise in 3D the location of survey measurements and all the corrosion relevant data:
    • Survey potential and FG Data
    • Materials & Coating Conditions
    • Anodes & their consumption data
  • More effectively planning of surveys and to enhance and optimise the value from CP surveys.
  • By linking the survey reports, photographs, videos to the 3D visualisation it is easy and fast to access the details of the survey thus reducing the time spent interpreting survey data
  • Comparing survey data with simulation results to clearly show discrepancies of concern.


Data from surveys is normally contained in reports and EXCEL spreadsheets often with different measurement locations and inconsistent naming of the locations between reports.  BEASY Corrosion Data Manager provides a system to enable any member of the engineering team to view the data using a 3D visual interface which provides the engineer with access to all the CP related information.

By combining corrosion modelling with corrosion data management software and services, BEASY can provide a “digital twin” of an asset to provide the asset owner a clear understanding of the current level of protection provided to the asset and predictions of future levels of protection.



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