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New BEASY Corrosion Manager Software

Streamlined Workflows – the new BEASY Model Editor tool provides a powerful, and speedy, capability to create and then solve variants of a model (eg as part of parameter studies)
New Capabilities – enhancements include the ability to take account of resistance of a coating, combined with the effects of coating damage; and to include both parts of a structure exposed to deeper electrolyte and parts exposed to thin film conditions
BEASY Corrosion Manager enables engineers to quickly assess the risk to components and structures of galvanic corrosion, and to evaluate the effectiveness of surface protection systems. The modelling technology can be applied to aerospace structures and to automotive/ vehicular structures.
In this aerospace case study, the BEASY model predicted higher corrosion rates for the aileron hinge near the bushing, and at more remote fasteners. This reflected the actual locations of corrosion damage observed following tear down inspection of the part, which had been subject to a period of service
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See How Engineers are Reducing The Risk Of Corrosion In Aircraft and Vehicle Structures Using Computer Simulation

Join us on the 4th of March 2020 @ 10:00 (EST, USA Time); 15:00 (UK Time); 16:00 (Paris Time)
to see how engineers are using the new BEASY Corrosion Manager Software to evaluate the risk of corrosion in structures (such as aircraft) that are subject to demanding environments. Learn how a novel modeling approach is being used to improve decision making regarding durability and operational availability of assets.
The US DoD estimates that the annual cost of the impact of corrosion is $20.6Bn. This results in reduced availability or capability of equipment and creates safety hazards for personnel. We have recently completed an innovative research and development program aimed at providing new software tools for engineers to use in mitigating corrosion
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BEASY POLCURVEX provides a database of the polarisation properties of materials which can be used in combination with the BEASY Corrosion Manager.
It can also be used to provide a more accurate, laboratory validated, method to predict corrosion rates based on the identification of crossing points of material polarization curves. The product supports new requirements set out in MIL-STD-889C (Standard Practice for design with Dissimilar Metals – Appendix B)
PolCurveX includes a GUI which makes it easy to incorporate, and exploit, additional polarisation material (eg project specific data; developments of new finishes etc)
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