beasy crmBEASY CRM combines with BEASY Corrosion CP to provide a comprehensive solution for engineers wishing to predict and manage corrosion related electric and magnetic fields.

Corrosion related electric (UEP Signature) and magnetic fields (CRM) have an important role in the design of naval vessels and their associated signatures. BEASY CRM can predict the electric fields flowing through the seawater surrounding a ship and the associated magnetic fields.

BEASY corrosion related electric and magnetic signature tools

BEASY Signature management tools have been developed to support the needs of its large user base which consists of most of the world's navies, maritime defence organisations and their supply chain.

In addition to the detailed modelling tools supplied by BEASY CRM a comprehensive toolkit is available to Optimise ICCP designs and signatures simulate ICCP controllers and their interactions and reform conceptual studies. BEASY is an industry leader and proven technological champion for corrosion related signature prediction and management.

Using the BEASY CRM signature management tools the engineer can:

  • Achieve a balanced CP (Sacrificial & ICCP) design by ensuring the correct level of protection while minimising the signature
  • Identify optimum anode and reference electrode locations and settings
  • Quickly investigate conceptual (dipole) type models and match models to ranging data
  • Predict and understand ELFE ripples in the signature
  • Investigate ICCP control system designs (using the ICCPSim software)

Predict the impact of different environmental conditions on the corrosion related electric and magnetics signatures

UEP Signature and CRM Prediction

Both the Underwater Electric Potential (UEP Signature) and the Corrosion Related Magnetic (CRM) field are predicted by the software. The impact of the signature of:

  • Changes in the CP system design
  • Depth of the sea water .eg deep or litoral water conditions
  • Sea bed resistivity
  • The condition of the vessel coatings
  • Damage Scenarios can be predicted.

beasy iccp optSignature Optimisation

In conjunction with BEASY ICCP Optimisation, BEASY CRM users can automatically search for the best design. For example, users can define that the objective of the simulation is to achieve a minimum signature whilst at the same time maintaining the required protection potentials on the hull. BEASY will automatically search for the best design to achieve this.

Structure Return Path Magenetic FieldReturn Path Magnetic

The corrosion related magnetic field surrounding a vessel is caused by two sources. The CRM predicted from the BEM modeller only considers the fields generated by the current flowing through the sea water, sea bed etc. surrounding the vessel. The BEASY structure magnetic software calculates this additional magnetic field using the results from the BEM model.

BEASY Concept ModellerConcept Modeller

The concept modeller is based on a dipole model which enables approximate conceptual models of the vessel to be quickly prepared and evaluated. The model predicts both electric and magnetic fields.


BEASY Charaterisation Tool IconCharacterisation Tool

The Characterisation Tool computes the equivalent Concept model from signature CRM data measured in the sea water surrounding the vessel. The signature data can be obtained from detailed BEM simulations or from sensor or monitoring data.

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