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beasy gidBEASY GID integrates with the BEASY Corrosion & CP simulation tools to solve challenging engineering problems and create better corrosion control solutions. BEASY GID is a CAD based tool which provides the user with powerful tools to create models and visualise the results from simulations.

Users can leverage existing data in CAD systems as BEASY GID can import models from most common CAD formats as well as from specialised tools such as RHINO. BEASY GID also provides the tools to generate models, automatically mesh the model and visualise the results.

BEASY GID has been customised to work with BEASY's simulation tools so that it fully integrates with the BEASY CP Wizard.

BEASY GID SoftwareBEASY GID Geometric Software

Effective and Easy-to-Use Geometric User Interface

  • Completely menu-driven.
  • Versatile visualisation tools including rendering, pan, zoom, rotations, etc.
  • Multiple windows.
  • Associative data structures so that the complete geometry database is updated whenever something is altered.
  • All analysis data can be defined on geometrical entities before the mesh is actually created.
  • User-defined and customable menus and interfaces for users own simulation software.
  • Complete set of tools for quick geometry definition.
  • Quick and easy definition of geometry with easy-to-use verification/visualisation tools.

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