beasy iccp controller sim

ICCP Controller SIM can be used  to adjust the ICCP control system parameters to optimise the vessel corrosion related signatures

The ICCP system simulator enables a virtual prototype of the complete ICCP system to be developed. The model couples the corrosion model (ie the model of the metallic structure, the ICCP system and the surrounding electrolyte) with a detailed model of the control system. The real time performance of the complete system can therefore be predicted.

ICCP Control System

Any number of controllers, anodes and reference cells can be incorporated in the model. PID and other types of controllers can be simulated and the impact on the stability of the system assessed. The ICCPSim control panel enables all aspects of the control system to be visualised. Individual controllers can be selected and their parameters adjusted until the optimum values are identified.

View the result in Excel

Predict the response of the ICCP system and evaluate the immediate response of changes

The result of the simulator can be easily imported into Excel.


Optimisation tools are available which can be used to help find the optimum control parameters for many cases.

Controller Failure

The response of the system to the failure of one or more controllers can be simulated.


Real time display of corrosion related signature

The signature can be displayed in real time to show how the system behaves from switch on. Ripples caused by the interaction of the controllers can be clearly visualised. The user can adjust the set points of the reference electrodes and the control parameters and see the immediate impact on the signature.

System Response

System ResponseThe potentials measured at the reference electrodes can be predicted for example under switch on conditions. In this case the time variation of the potential can be clearly visualised. In this application the predicted potential and the set point potential are displayed. The user can display the response of all the controllers in the system with a click of the mouse.

Controller Interaction

Controller InteractionInteraction between controllers which causes unstable protection potentials and signatures can be predicted and mitigation methods investigated.


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