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    BEASY cathodic protection technology and services are used by energy companies to verify and optimise the performance of their corrosion control solutions
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    Modelling can be applied to verify and monitor the protection provided to deep water assets as well as optimizing the timing and design of retrofits on older assets
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    BEASY signature simulation technology is widely used in the defence industry for the prediction and optimisation of corrosion related electric and magnetic signatures
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    BEASY has assisted aerospace companies in predicting how cracks grow in complex structures and investigating the root cause of failures
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    Verifying the protection provided and the risk of interference to onshore assets such as storage tanks and pipelines is a typical application of BEASY technology
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    Assessment of crack like defects and corrosion defects
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    BEASY crack growth simulation software can be used to predict crack growth rates and failure investigations
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    Using BEASY Corrosion Manager software the risk of galvanic corrosion can be assessed and protection measures optimised
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    BEASY crack growth simulation tools can predict how cracks grow in structures
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    BEASY defect assessment and cathodic protection tools play an important role in managing the integrity of critical infrastructure such as pipelines
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Corrosion & Fracture Solutions For Industry, Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defence

Cathodic Protection
Cathodic Protection

Predict the degree of corrosion control provided by cathodic protection systems

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Galvanic Corrosion
Galvanic Corrosion

Predict the risk to components and structures of corrosion and the effectiveness of surface protection systems

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Signature Management
Signature Management

Predict and manage corrosion related electric and magnetic fields

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Defect Assessment
Defect Assessment

Predict and assess critical crack sizes and locations

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Crack Growth
Crack Growth

Predict how cracks will develop and impact product life and integrity

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