Fitness For ServiceStress intensity factor (SIF) data obtained from handbook type tabulated solutions is often used as input into failure assessment diagram (FAD) calculations. However this stress intensity factor data is often limited to simple geometry and loading which compromises the  accuracy of the analysis.  As a result there is unnecessary uncertainty introduced into the repair or retrofit design and questions of safety or overly conservative design still linger.

BEASY's fracture analysis tools enable stress intensity data to be obtained for any fracture scenario discovered in the real part geometry without any simplifying assumptions.  Pitting corrosion damage can also be accurately assessed using BEASY's unique surface modeling methodology.  The actual corroded pit morphology and the interaction between these damage sites can be analyzed to support Level 3 FFS practices. Using this advanced analytical capability builds more confidence in assessing the structural integrity of components operating under in-service loads and can help improve asset management strategies.