stress intensity factorsFracture is the primary threat to the integrity, safety, and performance of nearly all highly stressed mechanical structures. BEASY can be used for assessing the impact of fractures and similar material damage such as corrosion pits using the principles of fracture mechanics.  BEASY is a powerful tool used in industry for both fracture control applications where engineered designs focus on preventing crack propagation and damage tolerance applications which focus on assessing the remaining structural life of in service components. BEASY's Fatigue and Crack Growth software is widely used to investigate the structural integrity of aging assets including military and domestic aircraft and a wide range of infrastructure related applications.

BEASY can help your engineers improve the assessment of defects by providing tools to more accurately understand the behaviour of flaws in critical structural components. higher fidelity data characterizing critical crack sizes and crack growth rates will improve structural life estimates. If a crack is found during a routine inspection a BEASY crack growth simulation can be used to determine if this crack will continue to grow and if so how much longer the asset can be safely operated before a repair is necessary. BEASY's automatic crack growth capability can also be used to support the non-destructive inspection (NDI) process. BEASY's crack path predictive capability can be used to guide NDI equipment operators to those fracture critical areas of the structure.