Hatch CrackBEASY's fracture simulation technology provides answers to complex material damage problems where cracks initiate a critical structural connections. A full 3D analysis of the actual crack morphology under realistic operational loads eliminates the need to make simplifying assumptions common with standard fracture mechanics assessment methods.  When the root cause of failure is unknown BEASY's range of software tools can help identify the critical crack size (K < Kth) for a particular component and loading condition.

For example BEASY has been used to investigate cracks found during routine inspection of a hatch cover.  The cracks were discovered at a large dowel pin hole and one of the threaded bolt connections.  The cause of the cracking was unknown and it was necessary to determine if it was a design issue, fabrication related, or due to in-service loading.  A detailed model was created which included the threaded bolt holes, bolt prestress loads, and the dowel pin contact to determine the stress intensity factor (SIF)  for a corner crack located at the edge of the bolt hole.  BEASY was able to predict the stress intensity factors for the initial design for a range of initial flaw sizes. The analysis was helpful in determining that the root cause of cracking was due to stress corrosion; a process that was likely exacerbated because of metal sensitivity related to fabrication related welding.