BEASY ABAQUS provides an integrated approach between BEASY and ABAQUS for stress, fracture and crack growth simulation. It provides the tools to leverage existing FEM models and results to fast track the development of BEASY fracture and crack growth models. The BEASY results can then be visualised within the ABAQUS CAE environment.

It also provides the technology to derive from non linear and transient ABAQUS models residual stress fields for use in BEASY fracture or crack growth simulation models.

BEASY models can be created by ‘skinning’ the mesh of solid FEM models or surface mesh models can be created directly using FE shell elements.

Models can be created either from ABAQUS input files or from ABAQUS result files.

If input files are used then loading can be created from the loading in the ABAQUS model.

If result files are used then loading on the BEASY model can be created using the FE model stress and displacement values.