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Defect Scanner 3D DisplayThe BEASY Defect Scanner creates a “map” of critical crack sizes on a model using results from either a BEASY model, or an FE stress model (ABAQUS, ANSYS or NASTRAN), in order to identify ‘critical’ locations. The smallest critical crack sizes shown on the map enable users to clearly identify the areas of greatest concern for that component and provide inputs into maintenance and inspection planning.

The critical crack sizes are computed using the stress values, and the critical crack size at any point is the crack size where the Stress Intensity Factor (SIF) value reaches a specified value. This value can be the threshold Stress Intensity Factor if the criteria is the minimum size at which cracks may start growing; or the critical SIF value in order to determine the size of crack that will cause part of the structure to fracture.

Defect Scanner Software DisplayThere are also facilities to define bands of critical crack size which can then be mapped onto the component or structure in order to identify how the critical crack sizes differ between different parts of the structure.

This process could then be integrated with inspection and approval processes (e.g. for incoming parts, or reports from maintenance inspections) in order to refine and optimize the decision making process for material rejection/scrappage. The locations of critical crack sizes identified with this tool can then be used, if required, as an input to a more detailed crack analysis using the BEASY Fracture & Crack Growth Simulation products.

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