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Digital Transformation of Corrosion Management

Corrosion Engineers need solutions which result in cost reductions and unlock value through increased productivity and effective data utilisation. BEASY Corrosion Data Manager & Digital Twin provides CP engineers the data needed to make fast and informed decisions.

Enabling engineers to manage and visualise CP inspection data and access all the relevant information through a 3D visual interface. Integrating inspection data with a BEASY simulation model creates a "digital twin" of the structure to predict the present and future protection provided to all parts of the structure.


Knowledge Is Key for Integrity Management

Asset integrity management accounts for a significant proportion of operational expenditure. BEASY Corrosion Data Management & Digital Twin is a driver for change enabling inspection data to be analysed more consistently, reliably and to be visualised in greater context.

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Corrosion is a time-dependent threat, meaning it can worsen or spread as the years go by, increasing the risk to integrity. This situation results in asset failure and subsequent downtime that costs millions of dollars in lost revenue. In addition, oil and gas companies must mitigate risks and safeguard against uncontrolled release of fluids to protect the environment and community.

Simulation can provide an insight into what your assets condition will be in one, five, or even 10 years from now. Change from a reactive to a more preventative approach.

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