Ballast Tank Study

Physical scale modeling (PSM) has been used for many years, in particular for naval applications to validate the corrosion control measures such as cathodic protection systems installed on ships. Tom Curtin based in BEASY's US Office has recently used PSM as part of a project where the aim was to investigate the CP provided to ballast tanks to verify that the computer modeling results were providing accurate predictions.

computer-model-of-the-prototype-tank-facilityComputer model of the prototype tank facility showing the predicted potential and current density

beasys-physical-scale-modeling-test-facilityA test facility was commissioned at our Billerica, MA, offices and a comprehensive series of tests performed to validate the computer model predictions.

Good agreement was found between the PSM tests and the computer model predictions which enabled the computer modeling to be used to quickly investigate a range of design solutions with confidence in the predictions.

BEASY's Physical Scale Modeling Test Facility

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