BEASY attended the NACE Corrosion Conference in Dallas this March where we were active at the exhibition as well as presenting and participating in the technical sessions and exchange groups.

It was great to meet many friends at the conference and discuss how modelling can be used to improve and optimize CP systems as well as providing further confidence in their performance as part of "due diligence" activities.

In addition to the activities by BEASY staff there were papers presented at NACE incorporating BEASY modelling, including Application Of Linear Anodes To Protect Isolated And Unisolated Piping In A Petrochemical Plant by Mobeen Hassan, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates & Stephen Wroe Corrosion Technology Services LLC Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

The paper describes an application of cathodic protection using linear anodes in a congested petrochemical plant in the Middle East. The initial design of the cathodic protection is discussed along with the problems found due to faulty isolating flanges and loss of current to other structures. Computer modelling of a typical electrically continuous cathode including steel in concrete and earth rods is included to demonstrate the need to consider all components of complex structures. Lessons learnt from this case study are applicable for the application of cathodic protection in plant using distributed anodes.

CTS Mar 15

The results shown below illustrate the effect of adding continuous reinforced concrete paving into the circuit. The dramatic effect is that the pipe potentials are hardly shifted from the natural potential even with the anode operating at 100mA/m.  

CTS 2 Mar 15

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BEASY will once again be exhibiting at AMPP 2023

BEASY Presentations at AMPP

Starting off on Sunday March 19th at 3pm, Tom Curtin presents on:

Using Galvanic Modeling And Aerosol Spray Testing To Understand How Changes In Salt Loading Can Impact Atmospheric Corrosion.

Authored by Thomas Curtin, Robert Adey, Liam Agnew and Fritz Friedersdorf

On Monday March 20th at 9.25am. Robert Adey presents:

Optimizing CP Life Extension Projects For Marine Offshore Structures. Co authored by Andres Peratta and Cristina Peratta, BEASY

Please contact Esteban Amirante to arrange a meeting on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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