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BEASY were again at EUROCORR this year which was held in Montpellier, France, and we presented a number of papers on subjects including Internal Cathodic Protection of Offshore Sea Water Pump Caissons, Modelling Cathodic Protection/Prevention of Reinforcement in Concrete, and Using Predicted Corrosion Damage to Determine Stress Concentration, Fracture and Crack Growth. Tim Froome was on hand to discuss both the papers and applications of BEASY modelling.

Seminar Programme China

BEASY in conjunction with Beijing Safetech Pipeline Co., Ltd recently presented a popular series of seminars in China on Cathodic Protection and Interference Modelling

Bob Adey introducing BEASY and a series of
CP Modelling & Interference Case Studies at the seminar in Chengdu

If you are interested in this subject or need help and advice about interference, then please contact us for more information.


New Case Studies

BEASY have recently published two new Case Study data sheets.

Case Study: Interference Between A Pipeline & A DC Railway Metro System

Interference Between A Pipeline & A DC Railway Metro System A planned metro line with a car parking yard and ten traction zones is to be constructed. The line will cross an existing oil pipeline within 9m of a traction zone. It will run parallel with the metro car parking yard at a separation of about 40m for several hundred metres. A stray current interference assessment is required to evaluate the interference level and how to mitigate it if an unacceptable interference is found to occur.

A model is used to predict the protection provided by the CP system and the interference between the pipeline and the metro system under different operating conditions

Case Study: HVDC Interference On Pipelines HVDC Interference On Pipelines

A new HVDC transmission line is being planned with a voltage of ±500kV and a distance of 577 km. The distance of one planned electrode from a nearby constructed pipeline is about 9 km. The pipeline is likely susceptible to interference from the HVDC systems. There is a need to assess the interference level and its risk, and the feasibility of mitigation.

A simulation model was used to predict and quantify the interference caused by the system operating under bipolar conditions where the HVDC ground electrodes may pick-up current from the ground or discharge current into the ground. Mitigation measures were also investigated.

To view these and other BEASY corrosion case studies, please visit our website or for further information, please contact BEASY at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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