BEASY once again attended the annual NACE Corrosion Conference, which this year was held in Nashville from March 24 - 28, 2019. We were active in both the conference program and exhibit hall showing our corrosion modelling services and software.


Predicting Cumulative Galvanic Corrosion Damage in Aircraft Structures using Environmental Exposure Measurements

By Robert Adey, Andres Peratta, John Baynham, Thomas Curtin

Andres will be presenting a paper discussing the material degradation mechanisms such as galvanic, pitting and crevice corrosion which limit the operational lifetime of aircraft and result in unsustainable long term maintenance costs.

Recent studies of naval aircraft suggest for example that galvanic corrosion is the primary corrosion mechanism, in nearly 80% of the cases, when corrosion damage is observed on the aircraft.

A new modelling methodology (Corrosion Service Life Model) will be presented capable of predicting the cumulative corrosion damage experienced by a structure using actual environmental exposure data (in this case collected on board a naval vessel). The approach is applicable not only to aircraft but to a wide range of structures subject to atmospheric corrosion.

Recent advancements in computational corrosion modelling tools have the potential to dramatically improve the durability of aircraft by providing engineers with predictive tools to improve material selection and develop more corrosion resistant designs. Corrosion modelling also provides engineers with forecasting tools that can be used to gain insight into the effect of long term corrosion damage; ultimately helping to improve maintenance scheduling and reduce fleet maintenance costs.

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BEASY Corrosion Data Manager Services

BEASY Corrosion Data Manager enables engineers to manage and visualise in 3D CP survey data. Integrity management system do not fully meet the needs of the engineer responsible for corrosion as they do not provide access and visualizations of all the data the engineer needs to make fast and informed decisions. There is also often no easy way to see the trends in the data, or link the data to video and photographic data also recorded during the survey. BEASY Corrosion Data Manager provides access to all this information through a 3D visual interface to any member of the team.

The BEASY Corrosion Data Manager also provides the engineer with the ability to visualize in 3D the historical and predicted CP protection on the structure and the status of the CP system anodes.

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BEASY Polarization & Corrosion Rate Prediction software is used by design engineers to quickly assess the corrosion risk of material combinations exposed to aqueous environments. Galvanic corrosion is one of the primary, and most costly, corrosion mechanisms observed when different metals and finishes are coupled. The BEASY Polarization & Corrosion Rate Prediction provides a more accurate, laboratory validated, method to predict corrosion rates based on the identification of crossing points for material polarization curves.

Galvanic corrosion is commonly assessed by comparing differences in metal potential (e.g. galvanic series in seawater table) with higher corrosion risk being associated with larger differences in metal potential. However recent research results obtained during development of the revised military standard, MIL-STD-889C suggests that potential differences do not fully account for the corrosion kinetics and can lead to wrong material compatibility decisions.

Given the high cost of corrosion maintenance many companies are searching for corrosion modeling tools to support the paradigm shift from “Find & Fix” to “Predict & Prevent/Manage”. The BEASY Polarization & Corrosion Rate Prediction software satisfies both designers, focused on material compatibility and coating performance who are concerned with new designs and retrofits for in-service vehicles, and maintenance engineers concerned with scheduling inspections to look for corrosion.

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BEASY will once again be exhibiting at AMPP 2023

BEASY Presentations at AMPP

Starting off on Sunday March 19th at 3pm, Tom Curtin presents on:

Using Galvanic Modeling And Aerosol Spray Testing To Understand How Changes In Salt Loading Can Impact Atmospheric Corrosion.

Authored by Thomas Curtin, Robert Adey, Liam Agnew and Fritz Friedersdorf

On Monday March 20th at 9.25am. Robert Adey presents:

Optimizing CP Life Extension Projects For Marine Offshore Structures. Co authored by Andres Peratta and Cristina Peratta, BEASY

Please contact Esteban Amirante to arrange a meeting on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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