Fracture Simulation

Initial ABAQUS modelA focus of interest was BEASY's Fatigue and Crack Growth software used to perform 3D crack growth simulations to support structural life extension decisions and in particular its integration with Finite Element systems such as ABAQUS, ANSYS, NASTRAN and MSC PATRAN. This was demonstrated in a failure investigation where an ABAQUS stress analysis model was available and BEASY was used to perform the crack growth study to gain an understanding of the failure mode.

BEASY ABAQUS ModelThe BEASY ABAQUS interface was used to convert the model into a form suitable for BEASY and the BEASY fracture tools were used to define the crack location, fracture mechanics properties and the loading. The deformed shape and stresses are shown in the picture for the initial crack growth. The crack was then automatically grown using BEASY to predict the crack path and the critical crack size.

ABAQUS Predicted Crack PathFracture Simulation Actual failure