BEASY Fracture and Crack Growth V10R18

BEASY is pleased to announce the release of a new versionof the BEASY Fatigue & Crack Growth Software.

The primary benefits of this new release are that it provides a further enhancement of the software's automatic crack growth capabilities and major improvements in the over simulation times.

For typical models, the remeshing time has been reduced by between 40% and 80%.

June 16 figure 2 x 1This release incorporates a significant improvement to the adaptive meshing routines. As a result cracks are inserted into models more quickly, even in areas of complex geometry. The crack surface mesh quality is also improved with a continuous quadrilateral mesh now created along the entire crack front. This further improves the accuracy of the SIF solution and provides greater stability when running fatigue crack growth simulations. 

Other significant enhancements include:

  • Improved BEASY remeshing:
    - Reductions in the remeshing times
    - Improved meshing for re-entrant corners
    - Improved meshing for partial crack growth
    - Mesh trimming of surface breaking cracks
    - Improved meshing for cracks crossing zones

  • J-Integral ring quantity improvedJun 16 figure 3

  • Enhanced crack library

  • New flight block based load spectrum file

  • Improved interfacing with FE models

  • Creation of a crack face loading routine

  • Reduced solver time

  • Extension of FE model creation and residual stress simulation to 2D

  • Improvements to model creation from PATRAN   

  • New structure for zone interface cracks

  • Additional ABAQUS support features