Software Products

BEASY offers a range of computer simulation software products to predict the effectiveness of Cathodic Protection systems, the risk of Galvanic Corrosion, Corrosion related electric and magnetic signatures, the risks associated with crack like defects and Crack Growth Simulation.

Our innovative software tools and services are used by an unrivalled range of worldwide organisations to transform their leading edge design concepts into innovative solutions that work.

BEASY Consultancy & Engineering Services

As developers of the BEASY software BEASY engineers are uniquely placed to provide modelling services and have the experience necessary to provide a cost effective service.


BEASY, a world leader in corrosion modelling provides both corrosion modelling software and modelling services. With today’s need to reduce risk and uncertainty, we can quickly provide the answers you need on the effectiveness of corrosion control solutions.

BEASY’s Services offer specialized analysis in the area of Corrosion Modelling. Available services range from performing specific modelling tasks to comprehensive studies to determine the optimum design solution. Our engineers have extensive expertise in applying state-of the art BEASY Corrosion Modelling to solve complex corrosion control problems. BEASY engineers can quantify the level of protection provided to the structure without any simplifying assumptions.

Crack Growth & Defect Assessment

BEASY is an internationally recognized leader in engineering computation and simulation for structural integrity, damage tolerance and mechanical analysis.

BEASY provides Engineering Services in the area of engineering analysis and design for a variety of clients including small manufacturers, major industrial corporations, and defence related government agencies.

We have a long track record of helping clients improve quality and reliability through the application of computer-based analysis technology. Innovative solutions are applied by a staff of highly qualified engineers to a diverse range of problems.

Project Management

Projects involving software require careful planning and management and Input from many sources must be coordinated and integrated to ensure that the relevant issues are addressed and the appropriate methods employed to give a clear focused solution. BEASY are experienced in participating and coordinating projects involving multiple contractors at national and international level.

Collaborative Research & Development

BEASY has extensive experience in developing and applying computational models. Problems can be tackled by either extending the BEASY software or by developing new tools.

In Europe BEASY has extensive experience in collaborative R&D both as part of European Union Framework projects and projects with individual companies.

In the United States, Computational Mechanics Inc. has participated in SBIR projects  as well as collaborative projects with companies and government/defense agencies.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss any potential project.

BEASY have managed and participated in multi-national, multi partner projects.  BEASY research and development partners have included:

  • EADS/AIRBUS (Germany)
  • GASUNIE (Netherlands)
  • European Space Agency (Netherlands)
  • Ford (USA)
  • United States Navy (USA)
  • Honda (Japan)
  • Shell (Netherlands)
  • Rolls-Royce (UK)
  • Westland Helicopters (UK)
  • Hamilton Sundstrand, United Technologies (USA)

Support and Maintenance

BEASY offers support services to its customers in the following ways:

  • Hot line telephone and e-mail support
  • Newsletters and error reports
  • Software maintenance
  • Training courses and seminars
  • In company training service
  • Consultancy
  • Web site for news and updates