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The Challenge

The challenge is to estimate and optimise a naval vessel’s Total Underwater Electric and Magnetic (UWEM) signature profile, and provide robust countermeasures system designs to meet UWEM signature goals applied to naval vessels.

The Solution

This solution was achieved by modeling each major contributing component of the total underwater magnetic signature using the BEASY Corrosion & CP software and the BEASY CRM tools. Optimization techniques were applied to create a robust countermeasures system designs, specifically the techniques used in ICCP system design for signature management.

The influence of the signature created by the rotating propeller shaft on the electric and magnetic field and the impact on the surrounding electric and magnetic field was also predicted.

The Value

The results of the signature analysis was that the Magnetic Signature (alternating and static) Components met the limits for magnetic signature applicable to ships used in support roles. At the same time the Electric Field Signature (Static and Alternating) components were minimized to levels considered safe for the threats assumed for the fleet support missions that the vessel was designed to carry out.

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Underwater Electric and Magnetic Signature Prediction

Underwater Electric and Magnetic Signature Prediction

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