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BEASY 40 Years Of Innovation

BEASY is an internationally recognised leader in computer simulation and digital twin for corrosion control, galvanic corrosion, signature management, defect assessment, and crack growth simulation.

Our innovative suite of software and services are used by an unrivalled range of international organisations and industries to transform their leading-edge design concepts into innovative solutions that work. They choose BEASY as their simulation partner to solve complex engineering challenges and support life extension programs.

With a team of experienced engineers, we empower industry leaders with world class support through our commitment to innovation. We endeavour to create a meaningful impact by advancing software packages, offering consultancy services, and providing engineering solutions. Moreover, we engage in dedicated research and development to tailor customised software solutions, further underscoring our dedication to progress.

"We believe we are here to create great products and provide world class support to all our customers around the world and that will not change. We believe in innovation and strive to make a difference and improve every single day, even if only by a single percent. We believe in investing in our people to enable them to truly achieve greatness in what they do, whilst providing our customers with the future; today! "
Simon Sullivan BEASY CEO

Simon Sullivan


Carlos Brebbia Boundary Elements Analysis BEM BEASY Founder

Our Legacy

Founded by Carlos Brebbia, BEASY is part of the COMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS INTERNATIONAL  Group formed in 1976 with offices in Hampshire, United Kingdom and Massachusetts, USA.

After completing an engineering degree in Argentina, Carlos pursued his PhD at the Southampton University. During his studies, he was invited to complete a year of research at MIT, where he was able to develop to the full the "finite element theory for double curves shells". This breakthrough put Carlos on the path to publish his first book and begin holding seminars on Finite Element Analysis.

In 1976 Carlos started an international journal, Applied Mathematical Modelling, which lead to the eventual start of his own publishing house, now known as WIT Press. Shortly thereafter, the world of engineering and simulation would be forever changed with the founding of Computational Mechanics International.

During the later part of the 1970’s, Carlos was involved in the development of Boundary Element Analysis. A revolutionary numerical breakthrough in engineering, which he would become known for, culminating in the publication of a best-selling book which would be translated into many languages.

Shortly thereafter, the very first version of our general-purpose code was developed, called BEASY (Boundary Element Analysis System), and thus the birth of BEASY, with the opening of our USA offices following in 1984


The courage to shape a better future.


We are admired and respected for our commitment to honesty, trust, and transparency. We do the right thing – even when no one is watching.


Passion generates excitement for what we do and how we do it. With Passion at the heart of everything we do, we nurture ideas, inspire excellence, and find creative ways to eliminate obstacles for cultivating growth.


We celebrate and embrace our diversity, finding ways for everyone to belong. We invest in each other and we win and learn as a team.


Innovation motivates action: to take risks, encourage curiosity and new ideas, learn from mistakes, and constantly strive to exceed expectations.

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BEASY's software products and services help organisations solve complex engineering challenges.

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