Corrosion and CP

BEASY Corrosion and CP

BEASY CP software enables corrosion engineers to quickly develop full 3D virtual prototypes of Cathodic Protection systems to predict the degree of corrosion control provided by the CP system.  Both sacrificial and ICCP systems can be modelled in applications such as marine and offshore structures, ships, underground structures & piping, onshore and offshore pipelines, and storage tanks. In practice most structures protected by CP systems can be accurately modelled.

Simulation is no longer just a performance validation tool. Simulation-driven design helps designers get immediate feedback on design performance by embedding simulation into the design processes.

Typical Applications

Design and optimisation of surveys to improve quality of information and reduce costs
Evaluation of electrical connections/isolations and attenuations on CP system performance
Evaluation of the performance of the CP system under various damage scenarios
Assessment of different operating environments on the effectiveness of the CP system
Investigations of interference effects caused by nearby CP systems, electrical sources, docks, pipelines or other metallic structures
Optimisation of designs by varying parameters such as anode location, reference electrode location and number of anodes, thus reducing cost of design and installation particularly for retrofits and life extensions.
Validation of CP designs to determine protection potential provided, corrosion rates, and service life



Easy visualisation of protection potentials and identification of problem areas


Clear visualisation of the design and of the protection provided over the life of the structure, thus providing easily understandable verification to clients and design authorities using pictures rather than words and endless tables of results


Ability to understand and interpret field survey data. Models can also be used to simulate and identify the root causes of anomalies in survey data

Leaders in Corrosion Modelling

Corrosion is a time-dependent threat, meaning it can worsen or spread as the years go by, increasing the risk to integrity. Simulation can provide an insight into what your assets condition will be in one, five, or even 10 years from now. That enables better maintenance and repair planning and resource allocation, now and down the road.

BEASY Software provides the tools to predict how a CP system will perform even for the most complex situations. It can provide quantitative information on the protection potentials achieved and the life of the system, thus reducing the risk of systems not meeting the design goals and enabling future management of assets to be planned effectively. Companies can realise huge savings through proactive integrity management that not only reduces risk but also extends the working life of older facilities.

Assess Operating Environments

By modelling corrosion and cathodic protection systems in Corrosion and CP, engineers are able to assess protection levels and system effectiveness based on various external influences such as operating environment, as well as how nearby structures interact with the chosen design.

3d prototyping cathodic protection systems for marine assets
Optimise CP design by varying parameters

Optimisation of Design by Varying Parameters

Once a CP system has been designed and modelled in Corrosion and CP, engineers and system designers are able to vary parameters such as geometry, anode placements, and metal coatings in order to optimise the levels protection as well as minimising the number of anodes, and the interaction with other structures.

Visual Representation of Protection Potentials

With modelling, engineers are able to depict the levels of protection provided to a structure by plotting contours of protection level.  This provides a clear visual representation of protection provided over the life of the structure, as opposed to tables of results, easily allowing validation of designs.

Visual representation of protection potentials

Elevate your expertise

BEASY offers a variety of training options: from comprehensive full courses, to webinars and tailored training program, our experts in corrosion and fracture ensure that you get the most out of BEASY's software.

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