Corrosion Manager

Corrosion Manager

BEASY Corrosion Manager enables engineers to quickly assess the risk to components and structures of galvanic corrosion and the effectiveness of surface protection systems. The software can predict the location and severity of the galvanic corrosion which can occur when dissimilar metals or certain types of composites are located in conjunction with each other.

Typical Applications

Simulation of the time-dependent effects caused by changes of corrosion of a surface finish or sacrificial coating which exposes the substrate
Performing Sensitivity and Parametric Studies to identify the best design options
Improving and optimising designs by predicting the best material choices to minimize corrosion
Identifying the location and extent of corrosion protection measures such as coatings required
Predicting the location of corrosion sites and assessing the severity of the corrosion



Reduced qualification time and costs


Polarization database populated with polarization data for many common materials


Reduced material and process development costs


Decreased maintenance costs

Leaders in Corrosion Management

Corrosion management software provides a range of benefits to engineers working across a variety of industries, including improved data management, risk assessment, predictive maintenance, cost savings, and compliance with regulations. Ultimately, BEASY Corrosion Manager assists companies in maintaining the integrity and longevity of their assets while optimising resource allocation.

The geometry of the materials, the characteristics and extent of the electrolyte including thin films such as atmospheric, deep, and crevice, and the type of mitigation methods employed affect the extent and rate of corrosion. BEASY Corrosion Manager enables engineers to replace the “Find it and Fix it” mindset with a “Predict & Prevent/Manage” approach based on understanding of the physics combined with the ability to predict the corrosion behaviour for a range of structures and conditions.

With BEASY Corrosion Manager incorporating the electrochemical behaviour and geometrical effects, it is inherently more realistic, and informative, than simply comparing potential difference in the electrochemical series.

Predict Corrosion Sites

Based on the understanding of the physics, and the ability to predict corrosion behaviour for a range of structures under various condition, Corrosion Manager allows engineers to predict sites that will be affected by corrosion.

predicting corrosion sites
improve and optimise corrosion management designs

Improve and Optimise Designs

With the ability to incorporate electrochemical behaviour and geometrical effects, Corrosion Manager is inherently more realistic and informative that relying solely on comparing potential difference in an electrochemical series. This means that engineers can improve upon existing designs to optimise level of protection.

Decrease Maintenance Costs

By predicting corrosion rates and being able to improve and optimise designs, engineers are able to mitigate unnecessary downtime by predicting and planning for maintenance. By moving away from the ‘find it and fix it’ approach, maintenance costs can be reduced and the life of structures extended.

decreasing maintenance costs with corrosion manager - hinge model

Elevate your expertise

BEASY offers a variety of training options: from comprehensive full courses, to webinars and tailored training program, our experts in corrosion and fracture ensure that you get the most out of BEASY's software.

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