BEASY PolCurveX is a Polarisation Database management and analysis software typically used by design engineers, corrosion engineers/scientists and research staff to quickly assess the corrosion risk of material combinations exposed to aqueous environments. Galvanic corrosion is one of the primary, and most costly, corrosion mechanisms observed when different metals and finishes are coupled. Materials compatibility analysis has traditionally been done by comparing potential differences in galvanic series only. This old school approach can be misleading and lead to suboptimal selections. PolCurveX provides a more reliable approach to materials selection considering the full polarisation curves of the materials involved, current density variability and corrosion rates at coupling conditions.

In addition PolCurveX aligns with MIL-STD-889D standards and provides powerful tools and dedicated algorithms for theoretical analysis of polarisation curves and de-convolution. BEASY PolCurveX provides laboratory validated databases ready to use, but also allows creating/managing own data. In addition, it can readily export data for corrosion modelling software such as BEASY Corrosion Manager for more complex scenarios.

Typical Applications

Exporting data to BEASY Corrosion Manager and BEASY CP software
Importing experimental polarisation data from potentio-stats commonly used in the industry
Predicting polarization data as a function of film thickness
Management of an Electrochemical Database which can be easily added to for current metals and finishes and those to be developed in the future.
Deconvolution of polarization curves using a user-friendly, dynamic, graphical interface to understand the underlying corrosion kinetics
Predict corrosion rates of metals and finishes when they are galvanically coupled and self-corrosion rates of the individual materials



Design engineers can quickly assess the corrosion risk of different material combinations.


Create more corrosion resistant designs through improved material selection.


Supports new requirements in MIL-STD-889D

Polarization Curve Analytics

Galvanic corrosion is commonly assessed by comparing difference in metal potential, with higher corrosion risk being associated with larger differences in metal potentials. Given the high cost of corrosion maintenance, it is important to shift from "Find and Fix" to "Predict and Prevent". PolCurveX satisfies both designers and maintenance engineers concerned with coating performance and inspection scheduling.

Allowing users to deconvolute experimental potentio-dynamic polarization curves into electrochemical rate equations, and using a dynamic graphical interface, users can adjust sliders and fit each of the rate equations to the polarization curve. The fitting parameters are displayed in real-time with this easy-to-use process.

Predict Corrosion Rates

By using a smart material database, PolCurveX can run a materials compatibility analysis, and feed this data into FEM or BEM galvanic corrosion modelling software. PolCurveX features a growing list of curves which can be used straightaway, as well as the functionality to create you own data, extend the existing one, and manage it all privately.

Predicting corrosion rates of two different metals in contact with one another
Deconvolution of polarisation curves

Deconvolution of Polarisation Curves

Mathematically processing and analysing the polarization curves to show the underlying electrochemical mechanisms and components responsible for a given current-voltage relationship and extract detailed information about electrochemical reactions occurring in the system.

Create More Corrosion Resistant Designs

By using a smart materials database and analysing polarization curves based on various materials and coatings, engineers and materials scientists can choose the most effective coatings or inhibitors for a design to maximise corrosion prevention.

creating more corrosion resistant designs

Elevate your expertise

BEASY offers a variety of training options: from comprehensive full courses, to webinars and tailored training program, our experts in corrosion and fracture ensure that you get the most out of BEASY's software.

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