Add-On Software

Along with BEASY’s extensive range of stand-alone software, we offer a variety of add-ons to assist engineers and systems designers with their workflow and processing. This also allows models created in third-party software to benefit from BEASY’s powerful simulation and time-stepping capabilities.

Crack size graph

Create powerful software combinations for corrosion management and fracture analysis

FE Interface Tools: Create BEASY models from FE models before running a simulation:

BEASY Patran
BEASY Abaqus
BEASY Nastran
BEASY Ansys 

Post-Processing Tool: Analyse, process, and visualise results of a simulation model:

BEASY Patran
GiD for Fracture 

SolidWorks Interfaces: BEASY Solidworks for Corrosion Manager 

CP Optimisation: Contact us for a consultancy on the optimastion on CP systems

ICCP Controller Sim: Enables a virtual prototype of the complete ICCP system to be developed

Defect Scanner: Create a ‘plot’ of a critical crack size showing the crack size where the crack reaches a ‘target’ SIF value. 

Model Cutting Tool: An add-on to the BEASY model creator using BEASY FE interfaces, or other interfaces including IMS 

BEASY Afgrow: View BEASY SIF results

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