AC Interference

ac interences from overhead powerlines

BEASY AC Interference allows engineers and systems designers to calculate potentials induced along a buried pipeline due to current flowing through high voltage alternate current overhead pipelines. The low frequency from these overhead powerlines can have an effect on the level of protection provided to assets on the ground.

Typical Applications

Verifying the effectiveness of cathodic protection system designs
Calculating induced current from overhead powerlines



Predict and anticipate possible harmful levels of induced voltages on pipelines


Extremely fast calculation times


Detailed CAD data not required

Controlling AC Induced Corrosion

AC Induced corrosion can occur when alternating current that is picked up by pipelines cannot be effectively dissipated back into the earth.  BEASY AC Interference is used to calculate this voltage induced along a pipeline.

Voltage induction by any metal near a low frequency electromagnetic field such as those produced by a powerline, can present a hazard to personal handling metal-based structures such as a pipeline. Therefore, understanding how much voltage induction occurs at each section of the pipeline is important for staying safe while working onsite.

Induced current in pipelines can also affect the effectiveness of CP designs, and the level of protection offered. By using AC Interference, system designers can verify the effectiveness of their protection systems, ensuring longevity of assets.

Calculating Induced Current

Induced current can influence the effectiveness of cathodic protection systems for nearby structures.  Being able to calculate induced current helps engineers evaluate the potential interference that overhead powerlines, transformers, and substations can have on surrounding structures.  

Calculating induced current aids in the design of infrastructure that minimises interference and ensure reliable function of protection systems.

ac interference from overhead powerlines
ac interences from overhead powerlines

Verify the effectiveness of CP systems

By simulating the interference of induced current, engineers can evaluate potential interference on their cathodic protection systems, enabling them to make adjustments to maintain the systems efficiency.

Understanding induced currents provides a better understanding when it comes to developing effective mitigation strategies, reducing the impact on both powerlines and pipelines.

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