Anode Sled CP Design Verification

anode sled cp design verification

Using computer modeling expertise to support corrosion engineers solving the world’s corrosion problems

In this study a detailed three dimensional model was created of the anode sled, connection cables and the nearby structures. The model was used to determine the actual performance of the anode sled and the level of protection provided to the structure over its life. Alternative locations of the sled and of anodes on the sled were used to assess interference with nearby structures and ensure adequate protection of the structure.

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Software used

Corrosion & CP

Corrosion & CP

BEASY Corrosion and Cathodic Protection (CP) is a cutting-edge solution meticulously crafted to replicate the intricacies of galvanic corrosion challenges and cathodic protection strategies. Unlock the power of BEASY CP to delve into corrosion analysis and monitor the effectiveness of a chosen cathodic protection system. Suitable for both offshore and onshore fully immersed electrolyte environments.

Corrosion Manager

Corrosion Manager

BEASY Corrosion Manager is the most advanced software for foreseeing corrosion rates, corrosion currents, and polarisation potentials within three-dimensional galvanic corrosion models. Tailored for structures immersed in either bulk or thin electrolyte environments, this exceptional solution is particularly adept at addressing atmospheric corrosion scenarios. Confidently anticipate corrosion rates with BEASY Corrosion Manager.

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