Welded Tubular Bridge Joints

Oil and Gas

Numberical modelling and validation with fatigue tests.

A numerical model was developed using BEASY and was validated with fatigue tests data. The stress intensity factors (SIF) along the doubly curved crack front at different crack depths were obtained. With this model, a parametric study was used to investigate the influence of geometry, size and load case on fatigue life. Results showing both proportional and non-proportional sizing effects on fatigue strength were obtained.

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Revolutionise stress analysis models by scanning simulation models to pinpoint potential areas of crack growth. With BEASY Defect Scanner, engineers can scan stress models and easily gain insights into estimating critical crack sizes within areas of structures and components. These simulation models provide enhanced understanding of structural integrity and allow for predictive maintenance.

Fracture & Crack Growth

Fracture & Crack Growth

BEASY Fracture & Crack Growth (FCG) is a breakthrough solution for engineers seeking precise fracture mechanics models for structural components. This innovative technology allows for damage-tolerant design assessment with accurate stress intensity factor (SIF) solutions and three-dimensional crack growth simulations, gaining vital insights into crack growth rates and shape evolution.

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