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    BEASY cathodic protection technology and services are used by energy companies to verify and optimise the performance of their corrosion control solutions

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    Modelling can be applied to verify and monitor the protection provided to deep water assets as well as optimizing the timing and design of retrofits on older assets

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    Multi zone ICCP systems can be simulated to identify the settings required to achieve the optimum protection of the vessel

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    Assessment and monitoring of corrosion control solutions

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    Verifying the protection provided and the risk of interference to onshore assets such as storage tanks and pipelines is a typical application of BEASY technology

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    Verifying the performance of cathodic protection systems for new concepts and designs

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BEASY, a world leader in corrosion modelling provides a range of services to engineers responsible for the design of cathodic protection systems and the integrity management of structures. BEASY provides both corrosion modelling and corrosion data management software and services.
By combining these software and services BEASY can provide a “digital twin” of an asset to provide the asset owner a clear understanding of the current level of protection provided to the asset and predictions of future levels of protection.
With today's need to reduce risk and uncertainty, BEASY can quickly provide the answers you need on the effectiveness and long term durability of corrosion control solutions.

Corrosion Modelling

BEASY Computer modelling provides the tools to predict how a cathodic protection system will perform even for the most complex situations. It can provide quantitative information on the protection potentials achieved and the life of the system, thus reducing the risk of systems not meeting the design goals and enabling future management of assets to be planned effectively. Companies can realise huge savings through proactive integrity management that not only reduces risk but also extends the working life of older facilities.

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Corrosion Data Management

BEASY Corrosion Data Manager enables engineers to manage and visualise in 3D CP survey data. Integrity management system do not fully meet the needs of the engineer responsible for corrosion as they do not provide access and visualizations of all the data the engineer needs to make fast and informed decisions. There is also often no easy way to see the trends in the data, or link the data to video and photographic data also recorded during the survey. BEASY Corrosion Data Manager provides access to all this information through a 3D visual interface to any member of the team.

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