BEASY, a world leader in corrosion modelling provides both corrosion modelling software and modeling services. With today’s need to reduce risk and uncertainty, our engineering services can quickly provide the answers you need on the effectiveness of corrosion control solutions.

How can BEASY help you?

BEASY’s Services offer specialized analysis in the area of Corrosion Modelling. Available services range from performing specific modelling tasks to comprehensive studies to determine the optimum design solution. Our engineers have extensive expertise in applying state-of the art BEASY Corrosion Modelling to solve complex corrosion control problems. BEASY engineers can quantify the level of protection provided to the structure without any simplifying assumptions.

By combining corrosion modelling with corrosion data management software and services, BEASY can provide a “digital twin” of an asset to provide the asset owner a clear understanding of the current level of protection provided to the asset and predictions of future levels of protection.

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Support Planning Of Maintenance

Data from computer modelling can make a valuable contribution to Risk Based Inspection planning and interpretation of data by providing information to enable you to know with confidence what is occurring on your structure at any time. Thus timings of future maintenance and retrofits can be optimized.

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