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BEASY CP software enables corrosion engineers to quickly develop full 3D virtual prototypes of Cathodic Protection systems to predict the degree of corrosion control provided by the system. Both sacrificial and ICCP systems can be modelled in applications such as marine and offshore structures, ships, offshore pipelines, underground, onshore underground pipelines and storage tanks. In practice most galvanic corrosion problems can be accurately modelled.

BEASY CP can also be used in conjunction with the BEASY Signature management software to investigate corrosion related electric and magnetic signatures.

beasy corrosion  cpBEASY Corrosion & CP

Is the core module of the BEASY Cathodic Protection modelling tools which simulates the current flow in the electrolyte and the electrode kinetics on the metallic surfaces. The software includes the following features:

The BEASY Desktop & CP Wizard

All the software tools are available from the BEASY desktop and have wizards which guide the user through the modelling process and ensure that the correct sequence is followed. The CP Wizard guides the user through the selection of polarisation and electrolyte properties from the built library to the point where the model is ready to solve. The Wizard also provides convenient tools to check and validate the results.

Polarisation & Coatings

Polarisation data representing the behaviour of both metallic structures and anodes can be selected from the in built library. Tools are also provided for users to define and visualise their own data and to add to the library of Polarisation data. Coatings properties can also be defined as well as their degradation over time to enable the complete life cycle of a structure to be predicted.

Anode Performance

BEASY provides detailed information on the performance of individual sacrificial anodes including the anode consumption rate, life expectancy and remaining life.

Interference/Stray Current Corrosion

BEASY provides the tools to model this complex situation and predict how, for example, pipelines and other structures are impacted by this phenomenon. Modelling can simulate and quantify the interference and provides the tools to investigate design modifications to mitigate the impact of interference. Detailed data on potential shifts and current demand are computed.

Offshore & Onshore/Underground

Variations in electrolyte properties can be easily modelled using BEASY zones or the recently developed Multilayer capability. Using zones, regions of electrolyte with the same resistivity can be easily defined to represent mud, seawater or concrete. For applications where the electrolyte can be represented by layers (e.g. underground pipelines, well casings etc) a powerful solution based on the BEASY multilayer capability simplifies the modelling effort and improves solution speed.

Electric Circuits

Electrical connections and attenuation can have significant impact on the effectiveness of the CP system. Therefore a comprehensive tool is available to conveniently define all the return path connections and resistances.

Additional Software Tools

In addition, there are special purpose tools which can be added to extend the capabilities of the software. Please click the icon or titles below for more information on our software tools.

BEASY GID integrates with the BEASY Corrosion & CP simulation tools to solve challenging engineering problems and create better corrosion control solutions. BEASY GID is a CAD based tool which provides the user with powerful tools to create models and visualise the results from simulations. 

Automates the task of designing ICCP systems to meet target protection levels. It can also be used in conjunction with the BEASY CRM software to optimise ICCP system designs to minimise electric and magnetic signatures.

BEASY OffshoreBEASY Offshore Structure Tool
FEM type structural models can be automatically converted into BEASY CP models using the Offshore Structure Tool.

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