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Typical Applications Include:

  • CP modelling for design verification of Oil & Gas structures such as jackets and deep water developments including FPSO's, risers, flow lines, well castings etc.
  • Evaluation of design options (ICCP anodes, sacrificial anodes, sleds, retrofits etc,) and sensitivity studies.
  • Investigation of interference and evaluation of mitigation and control options.
  • Holistic studies of developments consisting of multiple structure and flow lines to verify protection provided to all of the structures and flow lines to verify protection provided to all of the structures, interaction between the CP systems (frequently designed by multiple vendors) and verify the protection provided over the life of the asset.
  • For marine applications, the modelling process can be set up to allow for the effects of long-term calcareous scale development, and to identify whether the structure will initially polarize.
  • Incorporate the effects of water flow rate profile and its impact on the behaviour of the immersed area of metal.

Relevant Case Studies

Integrity management of offshore buoy moorings

Protection of deep well casing

How interference can impact the life of CP systems. An FPSO Case Study

Anode sled CP design verification

Interference Between Sacrificial CP Systems In The Marine Environment

Cathodic protection retrofit of a spar platform

Optimization of retrofit cathodic protection systems

Retrofit of new anodes to extend life of structures

Deep water oil & gas developments

Solutions by Industry

Marine and Offshore

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Naval and Defence

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