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    BEASY Crack Simulation Technology provides easy to use crack modelling tools to predict: Stress Intensity Factors, Crack Growth Rates, Critical Crack Sizes, Crack Paths

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    BEASY crack growth simulation tools can predict how cracks grow in structures

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    BEASY Fracture & Crack Growth Software & Services Is Used For The Assessment Of Crack Like Defects And Corrosion Defects 

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    BEASY Fracture & Crack Growth Software & Services Is To Predict Crack Growth Rates And  Support Failure Investigations

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    BEASY Fracture & Crack Growth Software & Services Assists Aerospace Companies By Predicting How Cracks Grow In Complex Structures And Investigating The Root Cause Of Failures

BEASY’s Fracture Crack Growth Simulation tools provide engineers with the ability to quickly solve 3D fracture models in support of damage tolerance analysis and structural integrity assessment.

BEASY’s Fatigue Crack Growth Simulation technology is easy to use and industry proven. Accurate fracture mechanics solutions are available for predicting:

  • Stress Intensity Factors
  • Crack Growth Rates
  • Crack Growth Paths
  • Critical Crack Sizes
  • Critical Crack Locations

BEASY's Crack Growth Simulation software is based on advanced fracture mechanics principles and represents a radically improved approach to computational fracture analysis. BEASY's fracture simulation methodology provides more accurate solutions for those needing to make critical life extension decisions or to determine if an asset can continue to operate safely under existing service loading conditions.

The software supports crack modelling in two dimensional and three dimensional structures. Although BEASY crack models are based on boundary element technology it fully integrates with Finite Element Models.

The software has a number of advanced features not available in other crack growth software and these can be used to perform crack growth simulation in residual stress fields, apply pressure directly to the crack face for leak-before-burst type analysis, and investigate crack closure using sophisticated crack surface contact algorithms.

One of the most powerful features of BEASY's Fatigue & Crack Growth software is the ability to perform automatic crack growth simulations under complex fatigue loads

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Consultancy Services

Crack Growth Simulation and Defect Assessment Consultancy Services. Read More


General Applications and Benefits

Typical Applications include:

BEASY fatigue crack growth solutions provide important data for:

  • Damage Tolerant Design
  • Support for Structural Life Extension Programs
  • Failure Investigation
  • Multiple Crack Interaction
  • Virtual Fracture Testing
  • Design Principles
  • Flaw assessment in aircraft, vehicles, pressure vessels, storage tanks, pipelines, and other structures
  • Performing forensic investigations of structural failures
  • Fitness for Service (API 579/BS 7910) design requirements
  • Determining inspection and maintenance schedules


  • BEASY uses a powerful boundary element solver to determine the stress field near the crack front. This information is then used with a J-integral formulation to predict the stress intensity factors representative of the particular crack morphology.
  • BEASY's unique approach provides mixed mode stress intensity factor data (KI, KII, KIII) so that engineers are not restricted to simple Mode 1 tensile loading common in most other fracture mechanics software.
  • BEASY can calculate SIFs under complex loading and accounts for not only the tensile fracture mode but also the shear and tearing modes as well.
  • BEASY can be used to analyse non-planar and arbitrary crack shapes; a powerful feature for those working in the area of structural integrity analysis. 
  • BEASY is based on Boundary Element Technology which has significant benefits when solving fracture mechanics applications. The technology can more accurately represent the high stress fields near the crack front and the surface only mesh simplifies the tasks associated with crack modelling and mesh generation as the crack grows.

Simulation Of Corrosion & Fracture Damage

Structures regularly operate in environments that can cause high levels of corrosion damage, and this damage leads to stress concentrations within the structure and potential development of cracks. Even when only a thin film of electrolyte is present on the structure, this can still lead to an electrical field that causes surface damage.

Using the results from the Corrosion Manager software, the material removed from the surface can be predicted (corresponding to corrosion occurring over a given exposure time), and cracks can be initiated in each potential problem area, to identify vulnerability to fatigue failure.

The geometry change caused by corrosion mass loss can be used to perform stress analysis of the structure, to determine the stress concentration in the component at the corresponding time in the life of the aircraft. It can then be assumed that cracks initiate, and the subsequent crack growth simulated. This crack growth takes into account the corrosion damage and will inherently include local stress concentration due to the damaged surface. In the crack growth simulation, the full crack path and direction is determined along with the fatigue life.

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