BEASY's crack growth simulation tools can be used to support damage tolerant design by supplying the SIF data for initial flaw sizes to determine if these cracks would grow (K < Kth). BEASY is also used to determine the rate of crack growth and can be used to show that initial damage will grow at a stable rate and cracks will not reach critical sizes (K > Kc) before scheduled inspections.

BEASY can provide powerful 3D fracture simulations to help evaluate potential failure scenarios. Although hand calculations are useful at the beginning of a forensic failure analysis sophisticated 3D computer models are often required to determine the root cause of a failure.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Damage Tolerant Design
  • Support for Structural Life Extension Programs
  • Failure Investigation
  • Multiple Crack Interaction
  • Virtual Fracture Testing
  • Design Principles

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