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BEASY software provides a range of integrated software modules to help engineers perform fatigue crack growth analysis. BEASY can help your engineers improve their damage tolerance analysis work by providing them with tools to more accurately understand the behavior of flaws in critical structural components. Higher fidelity data characterizing critical crack sizes and crack growth rates will improve structural life estimates. If a crack is found during routine inspection a BEASY crack growth simulation can be used to determine if this crack will continue to grow and if so how much longer the asset can safely operate before repair is necessary. BEASY's automatic crack growth capability can also be used to support the non-destructive inspection (NDI) process. BEASY's crack path predictive capability can be used to guide NDI equipment operators to those fracture critical areas of the structure.

beasy fatigue crack growthBEASY Fatigue & Crack Growth

BEASY Fatigue & Crack Growth software enables engineers to quickly develop full 3D virtual prototypes based on the actual geometry of structures and components to predict how cracks will develop and impact their life and integrity.

BEASY Crack Simulation Technology provides easy to use crack modelling tools to predict:

  • Stress Intensity Factors
  • Crack Growth Rates
  • Crack Growth Paths
  • Critical Crack Sizes

BEASY DesktopThe BEASY software modules are available on the BEASY Desktop and are all based on easy to use, process driven, menus. The intuitive interfaces do not require extensive training or constant monitoring of user guides. Even if you don't use the software for a period of time it is easy to begin a new project using BEASY's interactive help menus.

BEASY's Fracture Mechanics Software provides crack modelling tools to aid decision-making processes and discover potential problems at the design stage. BEASY advanced fracture mechanics software provides a radically improved approach to predictive computational analysis.

The BEASY solver supports contact and thermal analysis as well as common body force loadings (i.e. rotation, acceleration). Both node-to-node and node-to-surface contact solutions are available. Frictional contact analysis is also possible using BEASY's efficient load increment algorithms to capture the non-linear load-displacement behavior. The coupled contact-fracture mechanics solutions available in BEASY use an innovative approach and provide a unique capability for investigating fretting fatigue damage and crack face to face contact.

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Integration with FEM

The BEASY FE Interfaces are used to leverage existing FE solutions; automatically creating BEASY models of fracture critical sections identified in the FE model. The BEASY model can then easily be modified using the BEASY fracture toolset to insert cracks and predict crack growth rates. The BEASY crack growth solutions can be viewed in the FE post-processor to display the opening of the crack and the incremental crack growth trajectory. The software systems are tightly integrated making it easy to perform 3D crack growth studies using this proven technology.   The BEASY FE Interface software will be make it possible to obtain accurate SIF data and crack growth rates without the additional modeling expense associated with methods currently available using FE software. It makes sense to use the methodology most suited for the job and in this case the BEASY FE Interface software combines the advantage of using large scale FE models with the accuracy of BEASY’s crack front SIF solutions.

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