Galvanic Corrosion Aircraft or VehicleBEASY, a world leader in corrosion modelling provides both corrosion modelling software and modelling services. With today’s need to reduce risk and uncertainty, we can quickly provide the answers you need on the risk and management of galvanic corrosion in structures.

BEASY’s Services offer specialized analysis in the area of Corrosion Modelling. Available services range from performing specific modelling tasks to comprehensive studies to determine the optimum design solution.

The modelling approach is very similar to that used for structural and stress analysis in that the geometry of the structure is divided into finite elements, each element representing the surface of the material in contact with the corrosive electrolyte. In fact the same CAD based tools can be used to create the corrosion model as those used for the structural applications.

Having developed the model of a structure such as an aircraft or vehicle BEASY engineers can select the type of environmental conditions the structure is expected to experience and predict the location of potential corrosion sites and assess the severity of the corrosion. A modelling study can also be used to identify the location and extent of corrosion protection measures required against galvanic corrosion (e.g. coatings, paints etc.) and can also contribute to the reduction of materials and process development costs, as well as predicting the long term impact of coating degradation and damage.

Modelling studies can be conducted on a wide range of structures and components such as those found in aircraft, automobiles, ground vehicles, ships and similar structures. They can include sensitivity analyses, parametric studies, what if scenarios, optimization studies and risk assessment analysis.

The benefits include reduction in qualification time and costs, development and improvement of testing procedures, reduction of material and process development costs and decrease of maintenance costs.

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