BEASY Corrosion ManagerBEASY Corrosion Manager

BEASY Corrosion Manager Software enables engineers to quickly assess the risk to components and structures of corrosion and the effectiveness of surface protection systems. Galvanic Corrosion is important as it occurs whenever dissimilar metals or certain types of composites (e.g. carbon based) are located close to each other.

The geometry of the connections, the characteristics and extent of the electrolyte and the type of mitigation methods employed affect the extent and rate of corrosion. BEASY Corrosion Manager Simulation enables engineers to replace the “find it and fix it” approach and replace it by a more fundamental approach based on an understanding of the corrosion process and the ability to predict its behaviour.

The modelling technology can be applied to components and assemblies forming parts of Aircraft, Marine Structures, Automobiles, and other types of vehicles. Because BEASY Corrosion Manager incorporates the electrochemical behaviour and geometrical effects, it is inherently more realistic, and informative, than simply comparing potential difference in the electrochemical series as required by the new MIL-STD-889.

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BEASY POLCURVEX software is used by design engineers to quickly assess the corrosion risk of material combinations exposed to aqueous environments. Galvanic corrosion is one of the primary, and most costly, corrosion mechanisms observed when different metals and finishes are coupled. The BEASY POLCURVEX provides a more accurate, laboratory validated, method to predict corrosion rates based on the identification of crossing points for material polarization curves as required by the new MIL-STD-889.

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BEASY SolidWorks

BEASY Corrosion Manager SolidWorks provides an interface to enable engineers to create models of structures in SolidWorks and transfer the data to BEASY Corrosion Manager to predict the corrosion rates. The complete BEASY model geometry and mesh can be developed in SolidWorks using the BEASY Interface. Surfaces are assigned into groups which are used to facilitate the specification of the model properties and environment conditions. The BEASY results can be viewed using any of the BEASY post processing options.

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Simulation Of Corrosion & Fracture Damage

Structures regularly operate in environments that can cause high levels of corrosion damage, and this damage leads to stress concentrations within the structure and potential development of cracks. Even when only a thin film of electrolyte is present on the structure, this can still lead to an electrical field that causes surface damage.

Computation of this electrical field can be used to identify areas in the structure that are most susceptible to corrosion damage and which, after fatigue crack initiation, may lead to structural failure. Corrosion simulation can be used to take account of the properties of the electrolyte as well as the structural materials, to determine the rate of material loss from the structure.

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