Simulation of Galvanic Corrosion Using Boundary Element Method (BEM)

Zaifol Samsu, Muhamad Daud, Siti Radiah Mohd Kamarudin, Nur Ubaidah Saidin, Abdul Aziz Mohamed, Mohd Sa’ari Ripin, Rusni Rejab, Mohd Shariff Sattar

Boundary element method (BEM) is a numerical technique that used for modeling infinite domain as is the case for galvanic corrosion analysis. The use of boundary element analysis system (BEASY) has allowed cathodic protection (CP) interference to be assessed in terms of the normal current density, which is directly proportional to the corrosion rate. This paper was present the analysis of the galvanic corrosion between Aluminium and Carbon Steel in natural sea water. The result of experimental was validated with computer simulation like BEASY program. Finally, it can conclude that the BEASY software is a very helpful tool for future planning before installing any structure, where it gives the possible CP interference on any nearby unprotected metallic structure.

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