Predict corrosion related electric and magnetic signatures of naval vessels

BEASY's Consultancy Services offer specialized analysis in the area of Corrosion Modeling. Available services range from performing specific modeling tasks to comprehensive studies to determine the optimum design solution. Our engineers have extensive expertise in applying state-of-the-art BEASY Corrosion Modeling to solve complex corrosion control problems and predicting and optimising corrosion related electric and magnetic signatures.



How can BEASY help you?

In order to control the signatures and to preserve the integrity of a vessel, it is essential to be able to predict the impact of the design and operation of the Cathodic Protection system on the electric and magnetic fields. BEASY engineers have experience both from supporting engineers in defence organisations worldwide as well as performing projects themselves to predict the electric fields flowing through the sea water surrounding a ship and the associated magnetic fields.

Predicted Electric and Magnetic Signatures Below the Vessel

BEASY technology and expertise is widely used by defence organisations worldwide to predict the performance of cathodic protection systems and to minimise the associated signatures.

In applications where the control of the ICCP system is to be modelled and optimised, the simulation also includes a model of the control system (e.g. PID).


In summary BEASY can provide a complete service to predict and optimise the:

  • Performance of the ICCP/CP system
  • The corrosion related electric field signature
  • The corrosion related magnetic field signature

BEASY has the project management experience necessary to ensure that the relevant issues are addressed and that appropriate methods are used to provide the proper solution to a particular problem.


As a world leader in corrosion modelling, BEASY can offer:

  • Dedication to technical correctness and understanding the physical phenomena of the problem
  • Active involvement in ongoing research projects where state-of-the-art solutions are provided for industry critical problems
  • Large knowledge base of previous engineering analysis solutions and modelling strategies
  • Successful completion of many collaborative projects with government, academia, and industry
  • Demonstrated experience in converting technology to commercial quality solutions
  • Experience in coordinating projects involving multiple partners in both national and international markets
  • Expertise gained through a large number of applied research papers published each year

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