Crack Growth Publications

Drawing on their expertise and experience, BEASY’s engineers publish a variety of technical papers for a wide range of conferences and events worldwide each year.  In addition, engineers and academic users using BEASY products in their work cite their findings in published papers.

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Analytical Verification of Crack Propagation through Cold Expansion Residual Stress Fields
Sharon Mellings, John Baynham, CM BEASY Ltd, Keith Hitchman, Joy Ransom, FTI
Aircraft Airworthiness and Sustainment Conference 2016

Using Predicted Corrosion Damage to Determine Stress Concentration, Fracture and Crack Growth
Sharon Mellings, Andres Peratta, John Baynham, Tim Froome
NACE Corrosion 2016

DBEM crack propagation in friction stir welded aluminum joints
R. Citarella a , P. Carlone a ,R. Sepe b ,M. Lepore a
a Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Salerno, Fisciano (SA), Italy. b Department of Chemical, Materials and Production Engineering University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy
Advances in Engineering Software 101 (2016) 50–59


Latest development on the simulation of rolling contact fatigue crack growth in rails
L. Zhang, S. Mellings, J. Baynham & R. Adey


Automatic Fatigue Crack Growth
S.C. Mellings, J.M.W. Baynham

Advances in Crack Growth Modelling of 3D Aircraft Structures
S.C.Mellings, J.M.W.Baynham, R.A.Adey
ICAF 2009


Simulation of crack growth under mixed mode loading conditions
Robert A Adey, Sharon Mellings, John Baynham, Roberto Citarella.

Fretting Fatigue Modelling and Life Prediction in an Advanced Simulation Framework
T Curtin, A Pun, K Barlow
PSAR 2008

Practical Aspects in Automatic Crack Growth Analysis of a Drive System Gear
T Curtin, A Sane, T Larchuk
American Helicopter Society 64th Annual Forum, Canada, 2008

Archive papers

Crack Growth Prediction Using FEM Data
Robert A Adey, John M. W. Baynham, Sharon Mellings, Lie Zhang

Residual strength assessment for a butt-joint in MSD condition
C. Cali, R. Citarella
Advances in Engineering Software, June 2004

Bidimensional Stress Analysis and SIF's Assessment of a Cracked Aeronautic Doubler-Skin Assembly by BEM and FEM
A. Apicella, E. Armentani, R. Citarella, G. Coppola, R. Esposito

Damage Tolerance Analysis with Boundary Elements
Paul R. Hearn

Fatigue Life and Crack Growth Prediction
Robert A Adey
NAFEMS Benchmark, January 2004

Automatic Crack Growth Prediction in Rails Using BEM
Sharon Mellings, John Baynham, Robert A Adey

Fatigue Life and Crack Growth Prediction Using FEM Data
Robert A Adey, John M. W. Baynham, Sharon Mellings, Tom Curtin
MSCVPD, USA, October 2003

Predicting Residual Strength Using Fully Automatic Crack Growth
Sharon Mellings, John Baynham, Robert A Adey

Durability prediction using automatic crack growth simulation in stiffened panel structures
S. Mellings, J. Baynham, R A Adey, T Curtin

Computational And Experimental Fracture Analysis Of A Pin-Loaded Lug
Thomas J. Curtin, Robert A. Adey, Thomas R. Brussat

MSD residual strength assessment for a cracked joint
A. Apicella, R. Citarella, R. Esposito

Multiple Site Damage (MSD) crack growth: numerical evaluations and experimental tests
C. Calì, R. Citarella,M. Perrella

Crack propagation in Multi Site Damage conditions for a riveted joint
A. Apicella, E. Armentani, C. Calì, R. Citarella, A. Soprano

FEM-BEM coupled methodology for cracked stiffened panels
C. Calì, R. Citarella, A. Soprano

Some SIF’s evaluations by Dual BEM for 3D cracked plates
A. Apicella, R. Citarella, R. Esposito, A. Soprano

3D Stress Intensity Factor evaluation by Dual BEM
A. Apicella, R. Citarella, A. Soprano

Durability Prediction Using Automatic Crack Growth Simulation
S. Mellings, J. Baynham, R.A. Adey, T. Curtin, ICAF 2001

Fully Automatic 3D Crack Growth with BEM
Sharon Mellings, John Baynham, Robert A Adey

Automatic 3D Crack Growth using BEASY
A.C. Neves, R.A. Adey, J.M.W. Baynham, S.M. Niku

Damage Repair Simulation of a Tension Panel and Pressurized Cylindrical Shell Using Adhesively Bonded Patches
Thomas J Curtin and Robert A Adey

Fatigue Assessment of Welds on Piping on Jo-Bell Switches
Matthew Rudas, Richard Rudas, Robert Adey, Journal of the Engineering Integrity Society

Fatigue Crack Growth Simulation for Complex Three Dimensional Geometry Loading
Second Joint NASA/FAA/DOD Conference on Aging Aircraft
Thomas J. Curtin, Robert A. Adey, John M.W. Baynham, Philip Marais

Crack growth analysis using BEASY
S.M. Niku, R.A. Adey

Predicting fatigue crack growth in complex components
A.C. Neves, S.M. Niku, R.A. Adey

Damage tolerance analysis of a cracked attachment lug using BEM
A. Apicella, S. Magliaro

Application of a Non-local Failure Criterion to a Crack in Heterogeneous Media
Stefano Bavaglia and Sergei E Mikhailov