Signature Management Publications

Drawing on their expertise and experience, BEASY’s engineers publish a variety of technical papers for a wide range of conferences and events worldwide each year. In addition, engineers and academic users using BEASY products in their work cite their findings in published papers.

We are pleased to offer access to this material through the links below; please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any more information.

Publications from previous years can be accessed below via the sliders.


The Application Of Computer Modeling To Improve The Integrity Of Ballast Tanks
Robert Adey, Guy Bishop, John Baynham
NACE Corrosion 2014


Recent Signature Modelling Studies To Predict The Impact Of Hull Openings And ICCP System Anode Failure
Cristina Peratta, Robert A Adey, John M W Baynham, Guy Bishop


Evaluating Effects of Roll on Corrosion-Related UEP using Simulation
Andres Peratta, John M W Baynham, Robert A. Adey, and Tom Curtin


Predicting Corrosion Related Signatures
Robert Adey and J.M.W. Baynham.
WIT Press Electrocor 2007